among moons

i'm sean. i write music.

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this is one of my best friends and favorite people on the planet, and he stopped by my house one day to record this original song. enjoy!

all this wasted time

to see your fucked up life 

become mine

Anonymous asked: Sorry, but could you not remove captions + credits from art & photography that you reblog? Being a creator yourself, I'm sure you would understand that it's disrespectful to remove credits from other artwork/photography. I'm sure you wouldn't want people removing your credits.

yeah i’ve actually been meaning to apologize for this and fix this habit. it started as deleting the ∆∆∆indie blog∆∆∆ follow for blah blah blah texts. not to say that’s a bad thing. if you want to self promote your blog, by all means go for it, i just don’t see a reason to keep it on my posts because my posts are mainly for me, but somewhere along the line i got into this really terrible habit of deleting ANYTHING that people say under their posts, including credits for photography and artwork, and for the longest time i’ve just kind of done it without thinking about it. i am in no way trying to steal credit for something or anything like that, i literally just stopped thinking about tumblr. i haven’t even used tumblr that much in the past few months due to a lack of motivation/depression, but when i get back to using it regularly i’ll be sure to keep credit for artists.

(personally though, as long as you don’t genuinely try to steal credit for what’s mine, i honestly couldn’t care less if you remove my captions/credit from artwork. as for music, it’s copywrited so be my guest if you’d like to try)

Anonymous asked: Okay, I hope you'll feel better someday.

thank you

Anonymous asked: Are you okay?

no not really, but i don’t know how to talk about it or explain it right now, and i don’t really want to yet.

i stay in bed so often now that my back actually hurts when i stand up.

please help me