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i'm sean. i write music.

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alyonion asked: check out mountaineer! and among moons :)




Grazie! Mountaineer sounds like one of those bands that would be playing in like a quiet French bistro with only a few young couples having romantic dinners and drinking bottles of fine but unheard of wine. I like it. Also Among Moons sounds pretty cool too (they only have 9 followers on Spotify wut). I think I like their song “Xoxo” the best. Thank ya!

I hung out with among moons (Sean) earlier today and watched him struggle at climbing a tree and almost fall in a lake. Seeing people talking about him is so weird.

haha whoa tumblr has a way of making the world seem like a tiny little place. six degrees of separation forreal.

it was a really tough tree

HYDE: Leo, did you take your turn yet, man?LEO: No, man. I… I can’t decide between college or a career.HYDE: Well, we can’t start until you decide. So, choose man, or I’llstart working.LEO: Hey, don’t rush me, man. This decision is going to affect therest of my life.HYDE: Go to college.LEO: Okay. But what if those frat guys make fun of my hair? And beat me up, like fascists and stuff.HYDE: Well, then just start a career.LEO: I can’t let those frat guys get away with it, man.HYDE: Leo, man, it’s just a game.LEO: Yeah, life is hard.

Anonymous asked: I am sorry you could be doing better. Know I love you and even though you don't know who I am, I love your music and think you are talented and wonderful. As well as your artwork and just everything. Keep your chin up, things do get better, xo

thank you so much, things like this really motivate/help me. <3

sorry for the recent inactivity everyone. i’ve been extremely down and haven’t left my bed much in the past few weeks. i’ll be getting back to my music soon, but for now i’m just trying to figure some things out in my head and work on other art projects, including an animation collab and some freelance design stuff. don’t worry, the album will still be out before the end of the year and i’ll get back to reblogging/answering asks very soon! thank you all for your support.